5 Ultimate Reasons Your Garage Door Won’t Open

Your Garage Door

You are already late for work; you didn’t have breakfast so you can reach your office on time, and suddenly you realized your garage door wouldn’t open no matter what you do. It’s perhaps one of the most annoying moments you can experience. There could be a plethora of causes why your garage door isn’t opening or closing at all. It could be that your garage door’s photo eye sensor is blocked or misalignment of the tracks is causing your door to stuck. You may wonder if you need commercial garage door opener installation or just a minor repair. Here are a few top reasons your garage door is stuck:

Commercial Garage Door Opener Installation For Blocked Photo Eye

Typically garage doors, particularly the old models, have a photo eye. It will stop the garage door from lowering down when a person or an object is in the door’s way. Thus, you should ensure the card is neither damaged nor cut and is attached to the door. If that’s the case, you will need a specialist to come and repair your door.

Your Operator’s Power Source Is Disrupted

Often as is the case, some people unplug the power source to their garage door and then wonder why their door isn’t opening, or maybe they need residential garage door opener installation as something is wrong with the opener. It sounds strange, but it does happen often. Therefore, when your garage door doesn’t open, first and foremost, you should ensure that your garage door is plugged into a working outlet. You can plug in another electronic device to see if the outlet is working as it often goes out without warning.

Broken Springs

Broken springs are a much more severe issue as to why your garage won’t open, particularly if they have snapped:

  • If this is the case, you must not attempt to open the door. That can be very hazardous as the springs help lift the garage door.
  • This situation absolutely requires that you call a specialist to repair the damage.

Snapped Or Popped Off Cables

Cables can become disconnected on their own, or usually, this happens because of a broken torsion spring. The cable snapping can pose a life-threatening danger if a person is standing nearby, or it can damage your wall or car. Whenever you feel that this is the case, you should call a professional for commercial garage door opener installation or any necessary repairs.

Sensitivity Completely Out Of Adjustment

That can always happen, mainly when you install a newer garage door. If the door’s sensitivity is set too low or high, it will have a hard time opening. Your best step is to check the manufacturer’s directions and find out how to reset the sensor. From there, all you have to do is bring them to the proper levels.

So if you can’t decide whether you need residential garage door opener installation or garage door repair, you can call the professionals of Same Day Garage Door Services to come and inspect your door. We will get you covered on everything!

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