8 Simple Ways To Maintain Your Garage Door In Proper Operating Condition

Maintain Your Garage Door

Garage doors ensure the safety of your home and prevent your vehicle from being damaged by sunlight, wind, and heavy rain. Some people use the garage as a shelter for their vehicle, while others use it as a storage space. You should get regular garage door maintenance services to keep yourself safe from being stuck with a malfunctioned garage door. We have gathered some tips that can be useful for homeowners in maintaining the health of their garage doors.

Inspect Your Garage Door And Listen For Strange Sounds

This is a very important step that you can take to prevent any costly garage door repairs in Massachusetts. When you operate your garage door, look at the springs, pulleys, and cables carefully. If you see something is frozen or not working correctly, call a professional to fix it. Moreover, if you listen to any squeaking, scraping, or grinding sounds or see your garage door not opening smoothly, don’t try to open or close your garage door. 

Check Your Rollers And Replace Them

Rollers are made to work for some specific time. They need replacement every seven years and require inspection every two years. You have to look for worn, chipped, or cracked rollers and get them replaced as soon as you can. 

Tighten Up The Loose Hardware

A garage door has a very vigorous job to do. They are opened and closed nearly a thousand times annually. The high frequency of movements can cause vibration in the door’s body, causing some of its hardware to become loose. Look closely at the hardware of your garage door repair. If you see some loose roller brackets or bolts, tighten them with the help of a wrench.

Inspect Weather-Stripping

Weather-stripping is installed at the bottom of your garage door to provide additional safety against external elements from coming inside the garage. If you see that your weather-stripping is brittle or cracked, immediately get it replaced by a professional. 

Check The Balance Of The Garage Door

If you see your garage door is unbalanced, immediately get garage door repair in Massachusetts. The garage door adjustment should be left to a professional as it can be dangerous and difficult for a homeowner who does not have experience working with garage doors. We suggest you timely check for this problem as an unbalanced garage door can put a lot of stress on the torsion spring, causing them to break.

Lubricate Hardware And Mechanical Parts

If you keep the hardware and mechanical parts of your garage door greased and lubricated throughout its lifetime, it will help you keep it free from rust and stay protected against wear and tear due to friction. Choose lithium grease to apply on chains and screws. Lubricate overhead springs and hinges of the garage door with any available lubricant.

Keep a Check On Cables

Electrical cables are responsible for the transmission of electricity to the motor. Never try to fix high-tension cables or inspect them as they can deliver a sudden shock and kill you in seconds. Always seek a professional to check the condition of cables in the garage door in Westfield MA. As far as regular inspection is concerned, you can visually inspect their condition without touching them.

Keep Tracks Clean

You have to make sure that the tracks of your garage doors remain clean and free from debris. If these tracks are not clean, they will eventually make the motion of your door slow. 

Final Words

Maintenance of your garage door is an easy task that costs very little money but can save you from various costly repairs. If you need any repair or installation services for your garage door, give Speedy Garage Services a call.

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