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Garage Door Cable

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Expert Garage Door Cable Repair Services in Chicago IL

At Magic Touch Garage Doors, we believe that prevention is better than cure when it comes to garage door cables. You must call Magic Touch Garage Doors for garage door cable repair services in Chicago IL at the first sign of damage, that is, if you find out that your cable is frayed or in visibly terrible condition, or if your cable and bottom hinge exhibit signs of rust. 

A garage door cable in terrible condition can snap, becoming a danger to you and your family. If your cables aren’t tense or fall off the drums, do not attempt to reposition them. We perform same-day and emergency garage door cable replacement and associated repairs.

Garage Door Cable Repair Services

Garage door cables operate on a daily basis, opening and closing the garage door every time the car is to be taken out or parked. These cables have an essential task, so they need to operate perfectly throughout the routine. When the cable breaks or loosens, or gets stuck, this can cause a real problem. The homeowners will be either left standing out with the car parked outside or any such problem affecting their day’s routine. With Magic Touch Garage Door, the homeowners can call them up and fix it quickly. Smart clients take a different approach. Whenever they suspect faulty or broken cables, they call up the experts and resolve it right away, rather than let things worsen.

Why Choose Us

Here are some reasons why the homeowners should choose Magic Touch Garage Doors, including:

  • Years of experience in repairing all sorts of garage door cables
  • Steady reputation
  • Guaranteed customer satisfaction
  • 24/7 customer support to deal with emergencies
  • Team of licensed and insured experts on board

Making the Necessary Repairs

It is vital to carry out the necessary repairs and getting the cables fixed on time. On contacting our customer support staff, they will send a team to your location and carry out the repairs. The minor repairs can be done right away. However, if there is a need to change the cables altogether, replace them with brand-new ones, fix the pulley or adjustments, etc. will require them to make a second visit. We have an up-and-coming skill set that allows us to effectively install the garage door cables, so it keeps working for some years smoothly and without causing any trouble to the residents.

Service Benefits

  • Repairing and maintenance services
  • Working in emergencies times
  • High-quality cable materials


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