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Garage Door Repair

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Your garage door is constantly in use and on show. It stands up to the elements and years of service, but sometimes you may disregard it until a problem emerges. From an emergency garage door repair service to an upgrade, our garage door professionals are always there to help you make the best selections for your door.

When it comes to your garage door repair, you should never settle for anything less than the best. We only offer high-quality garage doors and garage door components, promoting functionality and durability while enhancing the appearance of your home!

We Provide All Types Of Garage Door Repair Services

Garage Door Repair services are just one call away, you can call us 24 X 7 for any type of garage door repair service.

Single panel garage doors

Single panel doors are constructed from one monolithic panel. From the closed position a single panel door swings up and overhead with a hinge on each side (known as jamb type hardware) to the fully open position. A disadvantage of monolithic panel doors is that the swing up arc of the door occurs partially outside the garage. This means a vehicle must stop and park several feet in front of the door to avoid being hit by the garage door when it is opened.

Sectional garage doors

Sectional doors are usually constructed of three to eight panels and slide up and overhead. Sectional doors occupy exactly the same amount of internal garage space as a monolithic door. Sectional doors have two advantages over single panel monolithic doors:

Roller doors

Roller doors (sometimes called “sheet doors”) are usually constructed of corrugated steel. They evolved from cover window and door coverings. Other materials can be used (e.g.; transparent corrugated fibreglass) where strong impact resistance is not required. Corrugations give the door strength against impacts. A typical single car garage roller door has a preloaded spring inside the rolling mechanism.

Garage door materials

Aluminum garage doors are low-cost, light, rust-proof, and feature low-maintenance. They are prone to denting because aluminum is not strong and they are energy-inefficient since aluminum is a highly conductive material.


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